Daniel Moss

Standing at 6’3″ with a +1.5″ ape index

Daniel moved from Kentucky to Colorado to follow his passion for the outdoors and climbing. Some of his other interests include snowboarding, slack lining, teaching yoga, and just having a good time no matter what. A random fact about him is that he spent his 18th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s

What is your favorite climbing area? 
Little Rock City, TN

What do you like most about the DBC? 
The community!

Want to know more!? Read Daniel’s full employee interview below:

Daniel is a super rad dude who spends a lot of time climbing at the gym, greeting members and visitors behind the front desk, and leading the DBC yoga program. Read on to learn more about Daniel, and then come to one of his yoga classes to meet him in person!

How did you get into climbing?
A buddy took me for my birthday when I turned 18. We went to Chuck E. Cheese too!

Sounds like an awesome birthday!

Tell us about your progress in climbing since that first experience?
I didn’t continuously climb until I was about 22, after college. A couple buddies needed something to do so we went and checked it out one day. They liked it so we started carpooling up, and then we were all addicted, bit by the climbing bug. We would go 3-5 times a week.

Do you consider yourself primarily a boulderer?
Yep, primarily a boulderer, a little bit of sport, and some top rope climbing here and there. I started out on top rope though, because bouldering was too hard at first!

What do you jam to when you’re climbing?
Usually gangster rap–something with a strong beat. I really like Run The Jewels lately. If not that, then maybe something mellow, depends on the mood, but maybe some Passafire or Grammatik. If I want to go hard, then I’ll get some Wu-Tang Clan going.

How did you first get involved with the DBC?
I had just recently moved to Denver and wanted to go climbing, so I Googled a place that was close and went to the DBC South. I came in and Anthony was super friendly at the door, and I got hooked from there!

What do your yoga classes look like?
I come from a hot yoga/power yoga background, since we don’t have heated rooms, my teaching here is more of a power-style yoga. I focus a lot on twists, hip openers, lunges, and stretching out your whole leg…and a lot of core.

How did you originally get into yoga?
Through climbing, actually. At the climbing gym, we met a yoga teacher and started climbing and hanging out with her and a couple of her friends. And then she invited us to a class, and I got bit by the yoga bug. And I really liked what it did for my climbing so I just kept going back, and haven’t stopped since.

What are some of your favorite things about working at the DBC?
The people. Everyone is super friendly. The community is awesome here, people are willing to help each other out, whether it’s climbing or anything in their life.

What are some of your favorite places to climb outside of the gym?
Guanella Pass, Three Sisters, Red River Gorge, and Stone Fort.

Was the Red where you learned to climb?
Yeah, it was my first outdoor experience. It is such an awesome time down there.

And yet you decided to move to Colorado!!??
*laughing* Yeah, living here is better overall. And the climbing isn’t to shabby either.