Hi I’m Tess and I am so excited to share yoga practice with the DBC sangha (community)! I’ve been practicing yoga for a decade and leading classes since 2020 after completing my teacher training at Samak Yoga in Mysore India. Before moving to Denver last fall, I loved teaching in the park by the waterfront in Vermont for friends and strangers alike. The moving meditation that I guide students through is centered in breathwork, trauma-informed, and accommodating for all levels of mobility and strength. Looking forward to flowing with you soon!

The course I’ll be teaching is Gentle Flow. In this vinyasa class for all-levels, expect to link breath (pranayama) with a continuous flow of movement. We will explore terminology, breathing techniques, and break down the structure and alignment of each pose (asana) while incorporating props and variations to support you in your practice. Sequences will often flow through sun salutations and you’ll be invited to use the depth and rhythm of your breath to sink deeper into your moving meditation. The emphasis for this class will be empowering students to make decisions that are best for their body!