Training Zone

750+ ft² static 20º wall, Moon and campus board

South Island

750+ ft² with two open dihedrals and a cresting surf board.

Training Walls

750+ ft² static set 20º wall and full Moon Board

Grey Wall

1,000+ ft² of horizontal roof and steep headwall to 15 ft.

Purple Wall

1,300+ ft² of Walltopia climbing. 70º roof climbing and 15 ft high.

North Island

750+ ft² of steep wave wall terrain from Vertical Solutions.

Blue Wall

1,100+ ft² of Walltopia climbing. 20º and 30º and 15 ft high.

Steep Wall

1,000+ ft² from Vertical Solutions. Featuring a 20 ft 60º arête.

45° Wall

1,000+ ft² classic 45º overhang with a 3 ft headwall at 12 ft.

Vert Wall

such climb

600+ ft² from Vertical Solutions. Concave and convex waves.