Mask Policy Update

Since the mid-May changes to CDC guidelines, Denver county vaccination rates, case counts and hospitalizations have passed key benchmarks for pandemic recovery. Businesses are easing their COVID precautions accordingly. In response to these encouraging trends and feedback from our community, the DBC will begin allowing unmasked climbing for fully vaccinated members and guests.

Those who received their final shot of any COVID-19 vaccine more than two weeks ago are now permitted to use our facilities without a face covering.

We will not be checking vaccination cards or otherwise policing vaccine status. We trust in the integrity of our members and guests not to willfully endanger their fellow climbers. So far, we’ve all done what’s necessary to avoid a coronavirus outbreak at the DBC. We know we can count on one another moving forward.

Our mask requirement remains in effect for anyone who is not fully vaccinated. Masks are much better at preventing sick people from infecting others than they are at shielding the vulnerable from infection. If you think you might have an increased chance of spreading COVID-19, or any disease for that matter, throw on a mask. It’s a simple precaution that will help keep our entire community healthy.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with us through the pandemic. We’re so grateful to all of you, and so excited to keep climbing together into a less infectious future.