Mask Policy Update

In light of emerging trends in COVID transmission locally and across the US driven by unique features of the Delta variant, the CDC has revised its guidelines for vaccinated individuals. Masks are now recommended for anyone sharing an indoor space with others who may not be vaccinated. That includes all visitors to our facilities.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, we strongly encourage universal use of effective face coverings in our gyms and other public indoor settings regardless of vaccination status.

Characteristics of effective face coverings are outlined here for those in need of a refresher. Our mask requirement remains in effect for anyone who is not fully vaccinated, but we recommend the same sort of self-enforcement from our vaccinated members and guests. Masks are much better at preventing sick people from infecting others than they are at shielding the vulnerable from infection. With the risk of COVID transmission increasing once again, there’s good reason to throw on a mask. It’s a simple precaution that will help keep our entire community healthy.

Thank you for your cooperation.