DBC Youth

Our Mission

We help kids grow into better people through the sport of climbing. By introducing athletes to the climbing community at a young age, we foster the larger values our community holds dear: fun, improvement, and collaboration.

Nationals 2018

Team Philosophy

At the DBC,  we structure our teams to allow kids to pursue their own interests in climbing without any pressure to achieve what someone else might want for them. We don’t believe in “moving up” between teams. Instead we equally value each athlete whether they want to become a world champion, climb their first V3 outside, or anything in between. We want Team DBC athletes to feel like a part of something greater than themselves. We respect each and every kid’s goals no matter how big or small, but we also recognize that different climbers have different needs. For this reason, we group athletes into teams that we feel will help not just themselves, but also their peers. Every athlete will work with coaches to determine which group will serve them best and which group they will serve best.

Club Programs /// Kids Club (ages 5-11)

M/W/F @ Central

Tuesday @ South


Teen Club (ages 12-18)

Monday @ Central


Friday @ South


*Team DBC Fall Quarter

August 20th-November 9th (12 weeks)

*Team DBC climbers must have 1 year of experience climbing at least 1 day/week

Advanced Team (ages 12-18)

Advanced Team is for athletes that want to work hard to improve their climbing but maintain the freedom to choose their own goals. Whether competition, sport climbing, bouldering, indoors or outdoors, Advanced team accommodates each athletes unique interests in climbing.

M/W @ South- 4:30-7:00pm

or Tu/Th @ South- 4:30-7:00pm

Cost for Fall: $585 (or $220/mo)

Competitive Team (ages 12-18)

Comp team is for athletes who want to work hard to improve their climbing primarily for competing at the highest level. All comp team athletes are required to compete at Regionals.

M/W @ Central + F @South- 4:30pm-7:30pm

Cost for Fall: $705 (or $260/mo)

Jr Advanced Team (ages 7-11)

Jr Advanced Team is for young athletes who love to climb and want to try hard. We center this group around using fun challenges to become better climbers.

Tu/Th @South

4:30pm – 6:30pm

Cost for Fall: $525 (or $200/mo)

Add-on Practices (ages 7-18)

Our add-on practices are mixed-level sessions designed to get athletes additional training and give them a chance to interact with climbers on different teams.

Friday @ Central- 4:30pm-7:30pm

Sunday @ Central + Other Gyms- 9:00am-12:00pm

Cost for Fall: +$120 (or $25 drop-in)

How to Sign up

Please contact us by email at coach@denverboulderingclub.com to schedule a tryout and sign up for Team DBC.

Contact Info:

coach@denverboulderingclub.com /// augy@denverboulderingclub.com