DBC Outdoors


The first COVID-adapted DBC Outdoors meetup will be held:

October 10th at Three Sisters!

See below for details.

DBC Outdoors is a free meetup event for anyone excited to get outside and rock climb. We choose in-season areas not far from Denver with good climbing options for beginners and more seasoned climbers. The group meets at 11am on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

With precautions in place, and given the reduced risk of viral transmission that accompanies outdoor vs. enclosed settings, we feel comfortable helping our community responsibly enjoy local climbing options at this time. If you want to learn to climb outdoors in a social (and socially distanced), supportive environment, this is a great opportunity!

In light of the ongoing pandemic, we will not be organizing transport. If you are carpooling with people outside of your household, please consider wearing a mask while in the vehicle. Similarly, at the boulders, masks will be encouraged in situations where <6ft proximity is unavoidable.

Just like when we reopened our gyms, to successfully reinstitute DBC Outdoors we are counting on one another to keep the best interests of our community at heart. We’ve all learned to live in this pandemic. We know how the concept of normalcy has changed. We are restarting DBC Outdoors because we are confident in our collective ability to rise once again to this occasion.

Contact us below with any thoughts, questions, or concerns.

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