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Climb rocks!

If you like climbing indoors, chances are you’ll enjoy doing it outside too! We’re blessed with an unusually large selection of rocks here on the Front Range and weather conditions tend to be favorable year round, so there’s ample opportunity. Our community does a lot of climbing in our local mountains, forests, canyons and beyond. Join us!

DBC Outdoor Resources

It’s pretty doable to find climbing partners just by visiting the gym regularly and chatting with your fellow climbers. You can also ask us about local areas and we’ll be happy to share what we know and make recommendations. For further support in getting outside, we offer the following:

  • DBC Gym to Crag – This course covers the fundamentals of outdoor bouldering with focused training in the gym followed by a day outside at a local climbing area! Perfect for people who want some specific guidance on how to transition from plastic to real rock. The Gym to Crag schedule fluctuates seasonally and based on community interest.
  • Pad rentals – If you’re all set to get on rock but don’t have quite enough pads, avail yourself of our rental fleet!
  • Partners – Indicate on the form that you’re looking for a climbing partner and we’ll try to put you in touch with other people who are also looking for climbing partners.

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