Membership FAQ

What are my options?

A summary of our membership offerings can be found below. Full pricing information is available on our memberships page. You can purchase a membership online through our member portal. Fill out a waiver if you haven’t already and use the associated email address to login. You can also create an account through Facebook.

Business Hours vs. 24 Hours

Business hours members can use our gyms between noon and 10pm weekdays and from 9am-7pm on weekends, with occasional exceptions for special events and holidays. 1 week, 2 week and 1 month memberships are business hours only. Monthly Recurring and Paid-in-Full members can upgrade to a 24hr membership, which grants access to any DBC facility at any hour of the day or night. See below for more info on 24hr access.

Monthly Recurring

Monthly Recurring memberships are priced at a reduced rate after a one-time activation fee of $25. Your monthly billing date is the date you sign up. You will be billed automatically on that date each month. See below for hold and cancelation policies.

6 or 12 Month Paid-in-Full

If you plan to climb at the DBC for 6 months or a full year, you can pay up front, skip the signup fee and enjoy significant additional savings relative to a Monthly Recurring membership. These memberships are priced lower because they represent a commitment to the DBC for a fixed period of time. They are non-refundable, so make sure that’s a commitment you’re ready to make. See below for hold and cancelation policies.

1 Week

Pretty self explanatory. This membership lasts 7 days and is a good option if you’re planning to come in several times a week but only for a brief period.

2 Week Intro Pack

Two weeks of gym access plus rental gear and a private climbing lesson.

1 Month

Non-recurring, month long membership with a higher monthly cost but no signup fee.

How does 24hr access work?


With a 24 hour membership, DBC facilities become yours to use whenever you feel like it. Simply scan in at the door nearest the front desk at South and Central (same as business hours entrance) or the door by the spray wall/Rogue Rack at North. If you purchased a membership online, you’ll need to stop by the gym during business hours to pick up your fob.


We’re able to offer 24 hour access because we trust our community to abide by DBC rules and make responsible use of our gyms even in the absence of staff supervision. Some friendly reminders:

  • No guests outside of business hours, 24 hour members only
  • All rules pertaining to masks and COVID precautions, leashing dogs, etc. still apply
  • Turn off any lights/fans you turn on during your session
  • If you choose to play music, please be mindful of volume and other members present

Is my membership valid at all DBC locations?

Yes! Members can climb to their hearts’ content at any of our gyms.

Are there any other perks of membership?

Members receive one free guest pass each month to use on a lucky non-member of their choosing. Yoga classes are also included with membership. You’ll get discounts at our gyms and select local retailers and free or discounted entry to DBC community events. And your dog can join the Denver Bouldering Pack 🙂

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yep! Holds have a minimum duration of 1 month. From there, our hold policy varies depending on whether you have a Paid-in-Full or Monthly Recurring membership. Short term memberships (1 week, 2 week, 1 month) cannot be placed on hold.

Paid-in-Full holds

  • Begin a hold at any time
  • $6/month starting on first day of hold
  • End date of PIF period will be extended by length of hold

Monthly Recurring holds

  • Must begin on member’s billing date
  • $6/month to be billed on member’s billing date
  • Holds end at member’s discretion after 1 month minimum
  • Members ending a hold on any date other than their billing date will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of the month

How do I cancel an existing membership?

Contact us. Cancelation requests must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of your next billing date.

Feel free to reach out with any remaining questions!